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TNG Technologies provide the following services to supply to the growing needs of the apparel industry :

Job works Spec Design
We have fully equipped CAD Lab, with the latest technology for pattern making, grading and marker making software, for the benefit of garment manufacturers who want to outsource the making of patterns.
Job works Services at our Spec Design:
Construction of first pattern through the measurement specs and sketch/sample of garment.
Graded pattern and size set outputs
Marker Making and Fabric consumptions
File conversions (Export and import files from other CAD systems). We provide services to all Garment CAD users. Any CAD users receive the file from the buyer in DXF, AAMA, IBA, GGT, Optitex, Tuka Tech, TMP, etc., formats; we will send them back the files in Garment CAD format. The  CAD users can mail us the files on. support@tngtechnologies.in
Patterns/Lay Marker Plotting
Fashion Designing Studio
TNG Technologies provide Fashion CAD designing services to supply to the apparel industries. Our Fashion Designing CAD Studio is fully equipped with all the latest fashion designing software tools for designing, 3D draping, styling, etc.
Fashion Design Services at our Spec Design:
Fabric print developments, print modifications, making colourways,
Can do 3D draping, of your designs on different models, thus giving you a realistic simulation of all the materials and colours on a model photograph, substantially reducing the overhead costs involved in making the actual samples.
Creating original woven fabric designs based on the weave pattern and fabric count (plain, stripes, checks etc.). The simulated fabric printout looks like real fabric, thus reducing the time wastage in getting the actual fabrics made on sample looms.
Preparing the storyboards, moot boards and layouts of a collection; print the complete new design catalogue for your collection as an output.
Making Technical 2D sketches and technical spec sheets.
We undertake the complete styling and sampling of your garments,  finding proper fabric, trims, accessories, etc required to enhance the garments for sampling.
AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)
We provide AMC services for regular maintenance of your software and hardware, for continuous working of your CAD/CAM solutions, after the warranty period is over, on a chargeable basis, which offers the following benefits to customers.
Your investment in the Garment CAD equipment that your company uses on a daily basis. A easy way to make the most of this investment is to go for an annual maintenance contract.
For a pocket-sized annual fee, TNG Tech will give you all preventative maintenance and repairs. The AMC covers costs on account of labor, software and hardware support, doest matter how many times the equipment breaks down.
You can confidently compute a fixed amount and will not be subject to unanticipated repair bills for the duration of the contract. Customers with service contracts receive the highest priority; so your most vital equipment will be repaired quickly and save you potentially thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Software updates would be provided free of cost if you have an AMC.
Spare Parts supply
For our customers benefit we also keep a stock of all the important spares required for your hardware like Digitizer, Plotters, Cutter Plotters, etc. We also have a spares kit, which you can buy it and keep to be used in times of emergency breakdown.
Plotter Paper Roll supply
For our customers benefit we also supply a good quality plotter paper rolls at very reasonable price. In case you have a problem sourcing the plotter paper roll, which needs any dimension, you can let us know and we will supply the rolls as per your requirement.

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