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Digitizer is a most friendly, compatible and easy to use digitizer, and can connect with most popular graphic application software like following CAD:
AutoCAD, Mapgis,Optitex, Cyber,GMCAD, Genamap, ViewGis, StyleCAD, DOCAD, TAJIMA, GERBER, LECTRA, ASSYST.
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Inkjet Plotter (single head and double heads)
High Speed Inkjet Plotter Newly designed UPS series plotters are based on the stable structure wind-jet plotter, most of main parts and electric are used same one, especially "NO raster film & sensor "are easy to use, Well compatibility with all popular CAD system.
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Cutter Plotter – Flatbed
Most Stable and multi-frames Cutting Plotter
Smart platform cutter plotter has automatic paper-feeding device, easy operating software lets you produce all your patterns, samples and prototypes, it is used for garment shoes & box-bag industry,etc, Well compatibility with all popular CAD system. The high quality machine guarantees extreme precision and rapidity regardless of the cutting conditions.
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