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Dobby Master:
Dobby Master for Yarn dyed and Dobby Woven Fabrics, Design Desk handles weaves yarns, patterns and construction parameters to instantly simulate realistic fabric on screen.  Further it allows you immense flexibility to alter, try “what if” scenarios in enhancing the concept you initiated.  It can generate true to life simulations and detailed weaving instruction sheet with yarn consumption and cost calculations.
As a designer you will find that you are exceeding your imaginative barriers at the very instance you begin using the software.
The program uses intuitive algorithms to assist you in reverse calculating a design or a weave. The yarn scanning technique will assist you in developing amazing life like simulations.
Color / Yarn Management
User-Defined Color palettes as per Yarn Type / Season / Customer / Color Type.
Assign various blends between Cotton, Viscose, Polyster, Nylon, Silk etc.
Pantone enabled. Provide Cost to each Yarn or Yarn Type.
Develop Fancy Yarns like Grindrelle, Space Dyed etc.
Scan Yarns to achieve realistic Simulations .
Pattern Development
Visually Create/Edit patterns on Fabric Preview itself.
Type in Warp / Weft pattern in "1A1B1C1D" format.
Edit Pattern in Grid, so as to emulate the point paper.
Auto Pattern & Randomize Pattern.
Weave / Dobby in Grid
User Pane divided in various sections like Drafting, Pegplan, Design, Denting, Warping & Weft Insertion.
Dynamic modification effects across all sections.
Work with specific Density Ratio, define Grid size to convenience.
Editing tools as Point, Line, Repeat Line & Mirror Line.
Insert Weave directly onto Design to affect automatic modification in Pegplan & Drafting.
View Grid in Black&White and with Pattern as well.
Double/Triple beam layer options to visualize exact overlap in realtime.
Auto dobby, Insert Weave, Apply Weave to color.
Edit features like Flip, Mirror, Cut, Copy, Paste, Insert Thread, Remove Thread.
Production & Costing
Generate Precise Consumption & Costing Reports RunTime
Yarn Info feature provides exact Weight & Cost figures while the user is preparing the design
Generate Mill program tickets with complete information such as Warping Sections, Drawing In, Pegging Plan, Denting Order, Weft Selection.
CAM & CIM (optional addition)
Output to Electronic Dobby & Loom panels for Staubli (DOB & DB1), Dornier (DES), Sulzer (PAT) formats
Customized Solutions for Networking of looms
Customized Solutions for Looms Data monitoring

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